Modelling Diabetes Workgroup


The Modelling Diabetes Workgroup is a workgroup within the EU-funded network of Excellence BioSim ( This workgroup aims at developing a whole-body kinetic model of diabetes relevant for experimental studies on diabetes. The workgroup consists of modelleres and experimental biologists (physiologists, biochemists, and cell biologists).


  1. beta cell kinetic model (coupling central carbon and energy metabolism (glycolysis, TCA) ion-channelling induced insulin secretion by exocytotic vesicles)
  2. whole-body modelling: whole-body stoichiometric matrix characterizing mass-flow essential to diabetes with organs as supra-enzymes, input-output kinetic characterization of organs, macrochemical equation for organs
  3. assesment of available kinetic and (whole body) physiological data characterizing reference states to be modelled


Frances Ashcroft Oxford, UK ion-channels beta cells
Patrick Rorsman Oxford, UK ion-channels beta cells
Andrei Tarasov Oxford, UK islet electrophysiology
Gunnar Cedersund
Linkoping, SE system identification, modelling
Peter Stralfors Linkoping, SE insulin signalling
Sune Dano Copenhagen, DK whole body and glycolysis modelling
Mads Madsen Copenhagen, DK whole body modelling
Bjorn Quistorf Copenhagen, DK physiology, biochemistry
Jeroen Jeneson Eindhoven, NL modelling muscle energetics
Peter Hilberts Eindhoven, NL modelling muscle energetics
Natal van Riel Eindhoven, NL modelling muscle energetics
Anton Wagenmakers

Eindhoven, NL &
Birmingham, UK

physiology, biochemistry, diabetes
Pal Westermark Berlin, GE beta cell modelling
Morten Gram Pedersen Copenhagen, DK synchronization of islet dynamics
Hans Westerhoff Amsterdam, NL & Manchester, UK kinetic modelling, physiology
Hans van Beek Amsterdam, NL physiology
Frank Bruggeman Amsterdam, NL & Manchester, UK kinetic modelling


1. The first meeting was held at Nov 9-11 and was organized by the department for Molecular Cell Physiology (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

2. The second meeting will be held in Copenhagen and organized by Sune Dano, Mads Madsen and Bjorn Quistorf


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